Thaiseedbank was founded in 2020 by a couple of Bros from Bangkok thai Base in USA. We have been burning down mailboxes, providing quality genetics, fast worldwide shipping.

Compound Genetics is The Best Cannabis Genetics Worldwide. Through rigorous phenohunting, collecting, and collaboration we combine rare and sought-after flavors to create today’s best cannabis. 

It all began in a little Hydroponic store in Tacoma Washington. Early on in the medical days I would donate time in exchange for garden equipment at my local hydro store. 

In House Genetics Is one of the best Cannabis Breeders Wit one of the best genetics Original breeders of Slurricane, Dolato, Jelly breath, Platinum, Black Cherry Punch.

We’re changing the ethos of cannabis—with commercial boutique innovations, game-changing genetics, mind-opening insights and the best possible products. 

LIT We are a family of cannabis pioneers with a deep-rooted belief that from humble beginnings come great things. With an innate passion for the beauty and essence of cannabis artistry, 

Raw Genetics is based in Southern California and has been around for nearly a decade. One of their most popular strains, Raw Genetics breed both regular and feminized cannabis seeds.

Savage genetics. WestCoast Breeder! Creator of Hyphy. Cheetoz. MintBreath. SuperGruntz and many more. – Cannabis Genetics featuring great strains such as Liquid Courage, Clownz, etc. 


Best Prices

Thai seed bank guarantees the cheapest top seeds. If a competitor offers lower prices on the same product we’ll beat you that product is of no quality or its not from the breeder himself.



We have more than 500 Seeds suppliers throughout USA, Australia and We deliver Worldwide with same day delivery on selected location (Thailand) you can’t go wrong.


Best Service

Thai seed bank has thousands of seeds reviews from customers like you. Our friendly, Aussie team is always here to support you.


We ship Worldwide via DHL, FedEx, UPS, USPS, UEM, we provide you with the best customer experience through shipping  Services excellency along with safety assurance. Our functional door-to-door delivery, cargo shipments, smooth freight operations and global reach have received positive feedback from our clients all over the world. We make you aware about the transitions in the wok process, and whether your shipments are air freight, packaging, warehousing, cargo forwarding or a combination, we take care of them with responsibility from beginning to end. We Offer tracking Number to All Our client immediately after payment of your order, and most of our delivery are mostly P.O BOX and Doorstep.

Shipping Internationally with the experts via the mention shipping service above with the help of Worldwide Shipping Center experts will take away your worry regarding agreement, incoterms & custom clearance. Our Alliances with the logistics service providers across the globe will assist your parcels to reach at the destination in quick turnaround time.

Top Quality Seeds For Young Growers/How TO Germinate your seeds

If your seed is being used wrongly you will definitely get issues Germinating them, you need to handle your seeds jealously and make sure its germinate properly more than just get germination. You will need to soak your seed in water for a day before germinaton, remove seed and place on a double sheet of toilet paper, cover with another double sheet of toilet paper and cover then store in a warm dark place at room temperature for like 3 to 4 days. removed germinated seeds and plant in your well treated soil ( manure soil). A set of grow light is set about 2m away from the plant and make sure your young seedling is well feed so it can grow well to produce that sweet quality flowers you’re aiming at.

THE Best Cannabis Breeders worldwide

In recent Cannabis times, few breeders have captured the imagination of the community like Compound Genetics’ founder Chris Lynch. 

Time after time since 2017, when discussing where the best Cannabis on the planet got its start, Compound Genetics would be a name synonymous with whose conversations. But behind all the hype cuts and ‘next big thing’ is a guy who loves Cannabis.

A Washington cannabis connoisseur and award-winning grower will soon have his acclaimed collection of cultivars and other goods available for consumers throughout Canada.

On Wednesday, Cannara Biotech Inc. (TSXV: LOVE) (OTCQB: LOVFF) (FRA: 8CB) revealed that it had entered into a distribution agreement with Exotic Genetix, a small but renowned breeder with an impressive-looking collection of Cannabis Cups

In-House Genetics is an established company specializing in micro-breeding. With new strains coming out every month, In-House Genetics is always the leader for new cross breeds and exclusive limited crosses. We take pride in our craft and will never settle for anything less than perfect.

Cannabis Seeds Prices Online

Find your cannabis seeds prices online based on your budget. We’ve categorised our best sellers and our favourite Seeds into premium, budget and value Seeds for your convenience.



Top Seeds quality and performance. The forefront of our seeds, Flowering time with excellent grow, comfort and wear characteristics.



Performance without breaking bank. The quality is markedly better than budget, however not as refined as premium Breeders Seeds.



Affordable Seeds that get the job done. Usually a bit louder and with lower levels of pest control, but significantly cheaper than the big brands.

How To Order Seed Online With Bitcoin

WHEN SHOPING ONLINE WITH THE BEST SEED BANK ONLINE NEAR ME OR  WHERE YOU CAN BUY SEED ONLINE WITH BITCOINS AND HAVE THEM DELIVER BY THE FASTEST ONLINE SEED DELIVERY IN USA, CA, UK, AU, EUROPE, THAI AND WORLDWIDE WITHIN 24 – 96 HOURS AND OVERNIGHT DELIVERY FOR DISCREET DELIVERIES WORLDWIDE. We work directly with licensed USA Cannabis breeders and sell their seeds products . Our Cannabis Breeders have years of experience Crossing and producing good quality genetics. We purchase cannabis genetics directly from highly vetted growers in mass quantities and sale online in USA,UK,AU,EU,CANADA,THAI and the world.

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It’s easy as 1, 2, 3. Just enter your Breeders Name, choose Seeds, add to cart, proceed to checkout, fill in required information ( delivery information) & get it delivered.


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